Commercial A/C Air Duct Cleaning

According to the American Lung Association, poor air quality is a major cause of days lost from work and school. The amount of dust and pollutants in the air can cause a variety of health problems for those who breathe it in, irritating their current ailments and creating new ones. Also poor air quality cause dust to build up on heating and cooling equipment, decreasing its efficiency and raising electric bills. That dust and dirt also lands on indoor surfaces, making it possible to maintain a clean environment.

Because vent and duct cleaning is our specialty, we believe we are the right choice for your commercial duct work. If a project is beyond our capability, we’ll tell you before we start, making sure no one’s time is wasted. Its all part of our promise to do our job with excellence and guarantee your satisfaction.

For more information about our vent and duct cleaning services for a free evaluation and estimate, contact us online or call (808) 873-8368.



Clean Ducts for Cleaner Commercial Spaces

Maintaining clean air ducts is an important part of keeping healthy atmosphere for your employees, customers and guests. From small offices to large arenas, clean ducts not only protect the health of those inside your commercial facility, they also help you maintain building and lower energy bills.

We know that businesses must operate with little interruption, which is why we work quickly and within an established time frame. Our vent and duct cleaning teams believes in efficient and thorough service. We want to cause the least invasion possible, so you and your organization can continue with life and work without major distraction. Because customer understanding is one of our priorities, we also offer to explain the process from start to finish and educate clients on our process. We’ll help you understand how the process works, and we’ll be flexible with your schedule and needs.


Need Help Keeping Your Commercial Property in Good Shape? 

Vent Pros Hawaii can help. At Vent pros Hawaii, we are equipped for thorough vent and duct cleaning that will restore your commercial facility’s air ducts. No matter what you operate, we are ready to take on your commercial vent and duct cleaning project and complete it in a timely, professional manner.

We provide service for commercial properties, including:

  • Management Companies & AOAO

  • Schools

  • Offices & Warehouses (big & small)

  • Hospitals

  • Banks

  • Hotels

  • Laundromats

  • anti microbial duct treatment
  • anti microbial duct treatment

Anti-Microbial Duct Treatment

The fight against biological contamination occurs at a microscopic level and requires the use of more advance chemicals. We use our highly skilled chemical products partners to produce cleaning, sanitizing and on going treatment products to give us an edge against Mold, Bacteria and Fungi.

Within HVAC ducts we use and recommend Fosters 40-20 which has a 10 year warranty on regrowth of Mold. We also use 40-51 as a clear coat treatment on Grills, Registers and other surfaces to prevent mold regrowth on finished surfaces.